Oshine is a beautiful creative multi-layout, multi-purpose wordpress portfolio theme with 18 unique demos. Oshine has been rated as one of the Best Portfolio & Photography themes in many popular blogs. We have carefully crafted each & every demo to ensure that a clean and modern design is carried through. Great design and Powerful features makes Oshine irresistible.

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Artist, Event Designer, Builder

VICTOR BLANCHARD, alias SEIYGE ZELLEZ, is a visual artist, event producer, and craftsman. His visual art includes pattern making, graffiti lettering and characters, and the use of vibrant colors with accompanying black outlines. Focal features in his work include abstract layouts, symmetrical arrangements and geometric shapes. He works primarily with aerosol, markers, metal, paper, and wood. SEIYGE enjoys using found objects and repurposed materials for building projects.


Artist, Event Designer, Seamstress

ALEXANDRIA KONTRIMAITE, alias CORATHAO, is a visual artist, event designer, and seamstress. She works with a wide variety mediums including aerosol, acrylic, oil, marker, fabric, canvas, and paper. Common themes in her work are female empowerment, graphic novel-esque illustration, and use of bright colors. She is currently learning how to create storyboards to one day produce live action films.


Master Stylist & Engineer

CHICO GUERRERO is a barber, welder, builder and stylist. He is always working on expanding his skills within his craft and to stay on the cutting edge. Chico is fascinated by hip-hop and graffiti culture, the arts, and design, which influence his personal style.